The Preview Show 21/22 – Brighton Home

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We’re back!! It’s been 12 weeks since the last Preview Show and since then we’ve brought you an end of season finale, a press special & the hugely popular Popemaster summer quiz. 

But now it’s time to get back to business with Natalie & Dave returning with the Preview Show which has something old, something new, something claret & something blue as we keep some features and refresh others as we head into another Premier League season. 

For this season, we have decided to do something slightly different with our weekly quiz question. Each week, the quiz questions will be split into two, with varying levels of difficulty. You can answer one or both, but please do get in touch with your answers, so that we can namecheck any clever Clarets on the next episode. This week's questions are: 1 (EASIER) : "In which year did Burnley and Brighton first meet in a top-flight fixture at Turf Moor?" 2 (HARDER) : "Willie Irvine equalled the most goals scored by a Burnley player in a single season in 1965/66, matching Jimmy Robson's tally from 1960/61, but how many goals did he score in that record-equalling season?"

FPL League code - 7ixae7