The Preview Show 20/21 – Wolves Away

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Natalie & Dave are joined by current NNN FPL leader Adam Dennett to look ahead to our 4th & final Sunday match of the month away at Wolves.

We have an Opposition View from Stu Hall from Wolves Fancast & our Highlight of the Week is our 2013 win which was followed by an unhappy pitch invasion by the home fans

Our Hero of the Week is Gareth O’Connor for his clever winner there in 2005 and our Villain of the Week is a very ‘down to earth’ kind of character!!

QQ - We mentioned earlier in the show that Michael Duff had been sent off in a match at Wolves in 2013, but how many of the other THREE Burnley players, to be sent off in matches at Wolves since 2000, can you name?