The Preview Show 20/21 – Southampton Away

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As we exit the wilderness of the international break, Natalie & Dave are back to get you warmed up for this weekend’s trip to the south coast with an Opposition View from Ben from Total Saints Podcast.


They’ve got the long-awaited correct answer to our very popular quiz question – along with a run-down of all the wrong answers including a memorable mascot incident! 


Our Highlight of the Week is last season’s victory on a stormy day where the wind could probably have claimed an assist!


Our Fixture Flashback from our very own George is coincidentally the same match which crowned the Hero of the Week with Sam Vokes’ winner carrying us on our way up the table in our European qualification campaign.


Finally, a reminder that our Paul Weller book competition closes just before midnight on Easter Monday. Remember to RT the correct tweet from when the podcast was published and reply with the comment #NotSuchABadLife