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    Episode 116: Automaticity

    Jamie and the panel discuss the Preston game and look ahead to the crucial game against QPR. Natalie refuses to sing, but listen until the end and you might just hear something special.

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    Episode 113: Pressure?

    Jamie and team discuss the Leeds game, pressure, and look ahead to Birmingham and Boro. Thanks to Catherine, the tame Boro fan that spoke to us.

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    Episode 111: You choose the topics

    In this special podcast, we answered your questions. We covered ground improvements, changes for next season, Dyche's future, the youth system, atmosphere at Turf Moor and safe standing, and more. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question.

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    Episode 110: Take a deep breath

    Jamie and the panel discuss the Wolves draw, Dyche's comments about fans, and more. Plus we announce a slightly different podcast for next week.

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    Episode 109: The promotion unchallenge

    Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee Ben Mee (Fulham, Ben Mee, Huddersfield, rival capitulation, previewing Wolves)

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    Episode 108: Body on fire, head in the fridge

    Jamie, Kevin, James, and Natalie discuss another derby win! Listen for a match-day audio log from Natalie, discussion of the game, Ulvestad vs Marney vs Jones, looking ahead to the upcoming fixtures, and more!

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    Episode 107: A time for heroes

    Jamie is joined by James, Kevin, and Natalie to discuss Bolton and look ahead to the East Lancashire derby. Also joined by Chris from Bolton fan site Burnden Aces.

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