Nick Liversedge ‘can go on to great things’

Brian Murfield Brian Murfield
Guest Author May 8, 2013
He does. He has worked ridiculously hard since initially joining ... 2 years ago

Nick Liversedge can go on to great things, writes Whitby Town fan Paul Connolly.

News has emerged from Whitby Town that their 24-year-old goalkeeper Nick Liversedge is joining Burnley. The news is yet to be confirmed, but Paul Connolly, Blue Army Fanzine editor, Whitby Town’s only fanzine, fills us in on the new arrival.

When the news broke of Nick Liversedge’s departure for Burnley for Whitby Town, I was both gutted and proud. Gutted that we’d lost a first-rate goalkeeper (Although we’ve been expecting it for some time!), but proud of him for finally realising his dream of playing league football. He is a firm favourite with the fans at Whitby and he will be missed by all at the club.

Nick started his career in the centre of excellence at Rotherham United, before joining Darlington in 2007, where he went on to make his senior debut. Following his debut, he made 15 appearances for the Quakers before being released, following their relegation from League Two.

The first look I got at Liversedge was in the 2008/2009 season, when he spent the year on loan at Whitby Town. Back then I wasn’t overly sure on him. He looked erratic and nervous, but since then, he has had two further spells with the club and he has improved massively in each spell.

Liversedge is now a confident, calm and assured goalkeeper. Since that first spell, he has continuously gone away and strived to improve and he has finally been rewarded for all of his hard work. This season has been his best yet and there has been a lot of interest from Championship clubs over the course of the season.

Nick has a lot of strong attributes about his game and once he has played a few games, I think that it will become obvious as to why the club have signed him. The best attribute he has, I feel, is his shot stopping, especially one-on-one. He has won Whitby games this season with his shot stopping. He has also got us out of a few sticky situations. He tends to be quite rapid off his line too. This gives him a massive advantage against strikers when in a one-on-one situation. His agility also helps him a lot. You wouldn’t expect many to make some of the saves that Nick makes. He will get to a shot that some may not, and even if he doesn’t quite reach it, he will give it a good go. You will see the determination from him to do well with every shot he saves, because he tries his absolute hardest to get to everything. Another thing that he is good at is penalty saving. His record with spot-kicks is excellent.

Standing at 6ft 4″, Nick towers over many, and he uses his height to full advantage. He always commands his area well. His defenders will be left in no doubt about what to do, leading to him not making many mistakes. This assured stance also bodes well when the ball comes into the box from wide. It’s rare that Nick makes the wrong choice when the ball is crossed in, so I can’t see many issues cropping up there. His handling is good too, another key aspect of his play, and arguably one of the most important talents needed by a goalkeeper.

One game in particular that stands out for me is the 7-0 hammering we took at Guiseley this season. I know for a fact that the scoreline has worried you, but never fear. Nick came out of this game with the man of the match award and in all fairness, he was Whitby’s best player on the day. He made some top drawer saves and he wasn’t at fault for any one of the goals. How often can you say that your goalkeeper was man of the match in a 7-0 hammering?!

One thing I will say though is that he still needs to do a bit of work on his kicking. From goal-kicks it can sometimes be quite wayward. It has certainly improved recently, but I think it’s one to keep an eye on.

Personally, I think Nick can go on to great things. He has fantastic desire to do well and he will prove himself when given the chance. He is a genuine, hard-working lad too, which will take him far. One thing I will say is, don’t write him off. Even if he isn’t brilliant in his first few games. He will improve and he is a fantastic goalkeeper. If given the chance, he will work his hardest to take it. If anybody deserves another crack at the Football League, it’s Nick.

UPDATE: The Evo-Stik league website is reporting that Liversedge played for a Burnley side in a 3-1 behind-closed-doors win over Tranmere last week.

UPDATE: Liversedge played in a reserve game for Burnley against Tranmere last year.

What do you make of the signing of Nick Liversedge?

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Sounds far more promising than some of the comments from Darlington fans online. I hope he’s not coming as the new number one though, as it’s a massive step up. Maybe loan him out for a season to a League One/Two club to see how he gets on?

    • Kevin Robinson
      Kevin Robinsonin reply to Jamie Smith

      I think these comments are consistent with those from Darlo site. This post says that he was very nervy and unconvincing when he first arrived at Whitby but worked hard to improve.

  • Me

    Jon Stewart got rave reviews while he was at Alfreton Town who are in a higher league, so why are releasing him and signing someone for an even lower league? where is the sense in that?

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Me

      Presumably Sean Dyche thinks Liversedge is a better goalkeeper than Stewart.

  • Jack

    In spite of the above, no doubt he’ll be “Rubbished, ” or classed as “Sh*te” by some Burnley fans before he’s even arrived.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Jack

      Already has been!

  • theCursonator

    I trust Darnborough and his team will have a portfolio on this guy as he has already played for the Development squad. If my memory serves me right didn’t we have a trialist in our last Dev. squad game? Whats to say it wasn’t Nick. I’m pretty sure i trust the team currently working on acquisitions far and above comments from any Burnley or Whitby town fan however knowledgeable they seem.
    Im quite excited about this summer, lots of new faces and exciting talent….can’t wait for the news season

  • Wilson97

    Give the lad a chance! From what ive heard he seems to be a decent keeper. expecting someone to pick up where grant left off is stupid, it isnt going to happen. its going to take time

    • Chris Macdonaldin reply to Wilson97

      “In spite of the above, no doubt he’ll be “Rubbished, ” or classed as “Sh*te” by some Burnley fans before he’s even arrived.”

      Non-League players making this huge step will always face this. It’s up to him to prove us wrong.

      • Paul Connollyin reply to Chris Macdonald

        To be fair, though, you have to be quite good to make this step up. Honestly, I think you’ll be impressed, and he will become a big player for you one day.

        • Wilson97in reply to Paul Connolly

          In all respect the jump from our league to yours is huge, where charlie austin is a quality player for us, he might get classed as sh*t by barcelona if they were to sign him (farfetched i know) But im willing to give this guy a chance.. afterall he is a claret now

  • Michael Connell

    Sounds like he has a fantastic attitude. Good luck to the lad

    • Paul Connollyin reply to Michael Connell

      He does. He has worked ridiculously hard since initially joining Whitby to get where he is now! The lad deserves it, he’s a genuine guy too! Good, honest hard work has come off!

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