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Adam Haworth October 13, 2012
How do you propose to play attractive and winning football, ... 3 years ago

It’s been confirmed that Burnley plan to start their interview process as early as Monday. We asked you what you’d ask the candidates on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what you said. 

The defence

We’ll start with the current issue with the team. The defence. @hall_mj gets off the mark asking: “Do you own a bus? We will need it to park in front of the goal on match days.” It’s a valid point. The new boss should be a good defensive organiser. Howe was struggling to get the back line working as a unit – I’ve lost count of how many goals we conceded in the last few games of his tenure – and the new man should be able to create a defensive line up to be rivalled. @jjames82 echoes Matt’s tweet, asking “do u know any defense coaches?!”

The money

It’s pretty much self explanatory why our potential boss should be able to work on a very limited budget. @howardscottok wants to know: “How well do you work with no money whatsoever and not likely to get any even when we sell our best players?” A subtle dig at the club, I feel, is in there. But again it’s an important point. Lots of managers have been linked who are notorious for demanding money from the board. We need to be sure they’re not going to do that, because there is no money for them to beg for. @valshaughnessy is a bit more sceptical in her approach. “You have a budget of £0 how can you make us a profit ? Oh no sorry that’s what the board will be asking !”. John Whittaker on Facebook asks: “How much money u want, cos u can’t have any”.

The future

We’ve seen a radical change of youth structure under Eddie Howe. For me, and for others (evidently), the new man’s feelings on youth policy is as important a subject as any other. @jamiesmiff says “questions have to be asked about integration of young players into side, their view on youth setup.” Progress needs to be continuous and the future should be one of the more important questions on the list. Continuity is key (as I wrote earlier).

The loyalty

Two out of the last three managers have left us for some club they’re supposedly in love with. Eddie, I can understand, but Coyle’s excuse remains a little weak. We need to know if the potential manager would be 100% committed to the club from start to finish. @Claretrob66 states: “Where do you see yourself in 3 years time? If he says still here he’s probably lying.” On the same subject, @samcro1882 asks “is there one other club which, should they come calling,you would feel unable to turn down & have to leave Burnley FC?” Again in the familiar cynical tone, @howfenclaret states “my question to potential managers is this: are you a legend at any other clubs?” Jonny Moorhouse on Facebook asks simply “Are you a loyal owen coyle?”

The comedy

In typical Burnley fan style, a lot of the tweets were of a funny nature. Particular highlights were James Buchan on Facebook, who said “Brian, please take off the wig and fake moustache.” as well as Andrew Foster who said “Deal or no deal”, he’s mixing Mike Garlick for Noel Edmonds, I think. @andydevanney asks if the new manager likes the name Jason.

But in all seriousness, what would you ask the candidates? Comment below. 

  • Daniel Bentley

    “So Owen, when can you start?”

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smithin reply to Daniel Bentley

      ooh, you devil.

    • Adam Haworthin reply to Daniel Bentley


  • Mike Mada

    How do you propose to play attractive and winning football, whilst ensuring we develop quickly a resolute and miserly defence?

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