I’m not bothered about Charlie Austin leaving

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Kevin Robinson October 3, 2012
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Charlie Austin will leave Burnley sooner rather than later, writes Kevin Robinson, but that’s not what I’m bothered about.

“We need to win and we need to get three points, wherever they come from, and we need it fast,” Austin pleaded after last night’s hat-trick was not enough to win anything more than a point at a wet and windy Turf Moor.

In the space of just four days, we’ve thrown away home leads to poor teams at the bottom of the league. We’ve now lost ten points from winning positions and it must be mightily frustrating for the country’s top goal-scorer to be sat 15th in the Championship. To be honest I feel sorry for him – what must it feel to give your team the lead three times only for it to disappear each time – and within a minute twice?

It goes without saying that he deserves much more and you can almost guarantee that there will be plenty of managers keeping a very close eye on him. He’s shown great consistency throughout his career, is still young and clearly continuing to improve all the time – with 19 goals in 19 games why wouldn’t there be massive interest?

If he can keep on scoring until January you can be sure the board will have enquiries and probably bids to contend with – and if the money is right it will be very difficult to keep him at Turf Moor. But that’s not the issue for me – he does deserve better than what we’re currently offering him and it’s just a matter of when we sell him and for how much, rather than if.

What bothers me is having nothing to show for his special form. What’s the point in having the most lethal player in the country if all he’s doing is keeping us floating around mid-table and giving us a little to cheer about through overwhelmingly frustrating and disappointing draws to rubbish teams?

When he’s gone I want to look back and think ‘those were really special times’ rather than ‘he made rubbish times a bit less rubbish‘. I want to remember. I want his goals to mean something. I’m not saying we need to be winning the league – but I want them to let us at least threaten for a play-off place.

I’m not writing our chances of achieving that off, mind. While we’re languishing down the bottom, the league is still really tight and anything can happen – had we not bottled away the lead in our last two home games we’d be ninth and only a point outside the play-offs.

But if we are to have any hope of doing anything particularly exciting we need to stop being so, well, rubbish. We can’t keep on dropping leads – we’ve now lost ten points from losing positions and it’s quite simply not good enough at all.

Some have cast doubts over Austin’s ability to perform in the Premier League but I have full confidence he would have quite the impact. His relative lack of pace is not a problem for it’s his brain, movement and fierce finishing that do all the work. He’s got that special knack of making loads of room for himself – and he does it by outsmarting his opposition, rather than outrunning them. Charlie is a pure finisher, rather than an all-round forward.

When he gets the call from a bigger, richer, more successful club it will be difficult for him to forget the frustration of the past few days and others like them. Please just let him make a real mark at Turf Moor before it’s too late.

Sort it out Burnley – for Charlie’s sake.

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Players outgrow teams and move on all the time, even at the highest level. Fans will moan that selling Austin shows ‘a lack of ambition’, but it’s just how football works. It will be a shame if Austin’s goals can’t set us up for a run at promotion though. Howe’s comments last night were interesting about home truths in the dressing room – hopefully that will prove to be a turning point.

  • John Smith

    Forget that CA will be attracting interest from other clubs, thats going to happen when players emerge,.
    What has really become the talking point is our inability to match the performance given in our game with Bolton. I know there was a far greater motivation for that game but really we have failed to reach those encouraging levels in all games since.
    At the back we cannot seem to work as a defensive unit, not picking up players making runs into the box, not getting tackles in, and letting opposition come-on us ten and fifteen yards. Thats resulted in shots from long distance and a considerable number of goals scored against a goalkeeper who doesnt get anywhere near them.
    I dont rate Edgar, hes hiding in that position, deep at the back of the four, he is only seems to be expected to challenge for an aerial threat [and isnt good at that] and to be focal to this play- ball across the back. This is not enough by any stretch of the imagination and would not deter opponents from “having a go”. Hes one of the reasons we are a push-over.
    What of the great tripps, ive seen him lately getting back up the field but defensively not yet at the races.
    Our midfield remains a mystery, who actually supports Marney when we try to get back in possesion? He seems to be the only one to get a tackle in, with both stanislas and wallace providing no off the ball resistance in a midfield which has no composure/patience or ingenuity. The recent introduction of stock gives us a better longer range of passing but isnt enough to “fire” the others and is not a sufficient contribution to the cause. McCann needs a playmaker someone who can find his runs and to anticipate his movement.
    But the work ethic isnt there for me, having seen many opponents this season, so far, they all are expected to get-up and down the field and that is a given! We are good ON the ball but poor when we dont have it.
    We are not contesting the game, when we do that we will be able to go places and not feel vunerable. The recent score a goal and give one away immediately smacks of a lack of discipline to me, and our captain needs to sort that out, not the manager.
    These ARE honest players, but its time they had a word with each other to decide whether wearing the BFC shirt actually means anything to them. Any doubts lads? then go and speak to treacy cos he made his mind up about that along time ago-what a disgrace!

    • Mike Madain reply to John Smith

      I think the key here is to become better at holding onto the ball for a good 10 minutes after we score – aim NEVER to give the ball to an opponent through that time frame.

      If you check back the games we lost when we should have won, this simple tactic alone, where we take no risk for a set period, we would have not lost the quick goal in 5-6 cases.

      It’s a discipline that will come and then our return will come in points tallies of 3’s rather than 1’s.

      Give the boys a little more time and we will have a great run in.