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    Episode 124: If I had a hovercraft

    Jamie and the panel talk about our first win of the season, Andre Gray's homophobic tweets, and look forward to games again Accrington and Chelsea.

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    Episode 123: Defour

    Jamie and the panel discuss Swansea, Defour's signing, David Jones' move away, and look ahead to Liverpool.

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    Episode 119: Awards special

    It's the end of season awards and Jamie and the team hand out prizes for most underrated player, biggest moment, goal of the season, player of the season, and more (best hair!).

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    Episode 118: Medal in a blender

    Jamie and the team discuss Charlton and winning the title, #trophygate, #medalgate (as it happened!), and more.

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    Episode 117: Promoted

    Jamie and the team discuss what promotion means for Burnley in depth, and look ahead to the game against Charlton. We speak to Charlton fan Rick Everitt about planned protests on Saturday.

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    Episode 116: Automaticity

    Jamie and the panel discuss the Preston game and look ahead to the crucial game against QPR. Natalie refuses to sing, but listen until the end and you might just hear something special.

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